Goodbye, cooking! Hello, healthy eating!
Delicious, Delivered. No cooking Required!

Ready for clean eating so good, you’ll clean your plate? Clean Plates is made for people who are fitness-minded, health conscious, or simply too darn busy to cook! Get great food, prepared using locally sourced ingredients, from Ontario’s best meal prep company! Simply select your meals, we cook and deliver, and you eat.

Build Your Own Box or Select a Meal Plan

Two ways to get started

Build Your Own Meal Box

We’re pretty sure that once you start using Clean Plates, you won’t want to stop. The Build Your Own Meal Box is a one-time delivery of a minimum of 6 meals. It’s perfect for those that want a bit of everything, have unpredictable schedules or just want to try us out. No subscriptions and no auto-renewals.

The Ongoing Meal Plan

Healthy eating is easy and convenient from hereon in! Get our handcrafted meals delivered right to your door, every week, twice per week. This plan renews automatically, so you will continue to earn your free time each week.  Going on vacation or need a break?  No problem.  It’s easy to skip any upcoming deliveries.  Your subscription works for you, not the other way around.

So, how does it all work?

It’s simple:


1. Choose an Ongoing Meal Plan or a one-time Build Your Own Box


2. Low Carb? Gluten-free? Select the meals that suit your goals or let us select for you.


3. We get cookin’ and deliver fresh to your door.


4. Just heat up and eat up!

They like us! They really like us!

“Clean Plates has really stepped it up! We get a variety of meat, vegetarian and vegan meals and are really impressed with the quality, quantity, and reliability of the meals. The time savings has allowed us to exercise more, so it’s a double bonus of eating healthier and taking better care of our ourselves too. Highly recommend you give them a try!”

Todd B.

“Clean Plates has met my expectations and exceeded them. Great food and timely service. I highly recommend you give them a try.”

Mousa A.

“Mark, thank you, thank you, thank you! The food arrived when you promised it would. The meals looked delicious. My mom loved it! Making a special delivery to get prepared meals out to my 86 yr. old mom during this unprecedented time helped ease my mind since I can’t be with her. I appreciate your patience and working with me. Great food and even better customer service! I would definitely recommend Clean Plates!”

Marie S.

“Wonderful food delivery service to get you through those busy weeks when you have no time to cook. Meals are healthy, delicious and microwave ready in 2 minutes (or you can use your oven). No prep work like other meal plans. Thank you, Clean Plates!”

Lori S.

“Very fresh tasting and after 2 weeks I haven’t had a bad tasting meal!”

Lindsey S.

“Meals are fantastic. Easy to order and great delivery service. Meals are exciting and keeps me interested”

Kyle K.

“The food is absolutely delicious. Portions are good sized and filling. I would recommend this service. One happy camper here.”

Donna H.

“The meal delivery service is prompt with phenomenal meals. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is even considering trying meal prep/delivery.”

Crista M.

“I am seriously obsessed with Clean Plates and glad I gave it a try. I was on the fence initially after finding it online, but my friends casually brought up that they order from here and really enjoy it. I’m so glad I took their advice! The food is ALWAYS delicious, the portion sizes are hearty, and the quality is very high. It has helped me transform my diet and I am so thankful for that. I enjoy they offer packs instead of plans as well. This also makes a GREAT gift for people. I’ve bought gift cards for multiple people who just had babies and also for my boss a week she worked 60 hours. It’s a great gift for when people are strapped for time and don’t have time to cook something nutritious.”

Caitlin K.

“My fiancé and myself have tried many different meal prep services for the last few years. Clean Plates is far and away THE BEST. The variety alone far surpasses anything else I have had- but add on the price and the fact that they deliver TWICE/WEEK for quality and freshness is just unreal. We did the 2 meals/day for 6 days/week and every single meal was different- 12 different options! UNREAL. High quality food, just needs to be warmed up, you can’t put a price tag on that kind of convenience with a great taste! THANK YOU CLEAN PLATES.”

Alexis O.

Better food makes better employees. Bring Clean Plates to your company throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Find out more about our Corporate Group Discounts. Email for more information.


The greatest gift of all?
Not having to cook.

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