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Weekly Subscription Meal Plans

Delivered 2 Times per Week

Healthy eating is easy and convenient from hereon in! Get our ready-to-eat meals delivered right to your door, every week, twice per week. Choose a weekly billing plan then set your diet preferences, food dislikes and allergens to get the meals you’ll enjoy most. Stop whenever you want or skip a delivery if you’re going on vacation or just need a break. You control your delivery schedule.

A La Carte: One-Time Order

No Subscriptions or Renewals

We’re pretty sure that once you start using Clean Plates, you won’t want to stop. With our A La Carte: One-Time Order, there are no renewals or subscriptions. Order ready-to-eat meals from our entire menu. It’s perfect for those that want a bit of everything, have unpredictable schedules or just want to try us out. Order a minimum of 4 entree meals or as many as you need for the week.


Choose either a Subscription Meal Plan or a One-Time Delivery. (Forget already? See above for the difference.)


Low carb? Gluten free? Set your unique preferences and select the meals you want or let our Chefs select for you.


We get cookin’ and deliver right to your door.


Simply heat up and eat up!

They like us! They really like us!

Tina S.

Delicious, healthy, allergen-conscious, fresh food and sustainable packing--truly everything I was looking for in a meal delivery service. This week, I loved the salmon with hollandaise, squash curry, turkey meatloaf, and Sicilian mustard chicken in particular. I love being able to filter meals to see the ones that are dairy-free (or any of the other possible allergens). Nutritional information and caloric counts are available when you're choosing the meals for the week and on each individual meal box. For an individual or couple unable to cook for whatever reason, Clean Plates check all the boxes. Customer service is also responsive and helpful. A++!

Sarina G.

If I could rate 6 stars I would! Super high quality, well thought-out recipes- I’m one who loves variety and Clean Plates has it all! Customer service is A+ as well-Mark was extremely helpful and quick to get back to me when I had questions. Highly Highly recommend

Anthony F.

As a bodybuilder who works a 9-5 job, it is difficult to make time to cook and prepare my own healthy meals. I’ve been enjoying the FIT menu for a few weeks now, and it has saved me so much time. The meals taste amazing and are macro-friendly, which is very important to me. I highly recommend Clean Plates for other health conscious people who are looking to save some time.

Mac F.

If you work full time and are trying to maintain healthy habits or achieve your nutritional goals, this is the service for you. Reliable deliveries, great food and awesome customer service. I've never had any complaints and the variety of meals always keeps it interesting.

Shoibonti C.

The food is great. I am new to this kind of food being an Indian immigrant but I absolutely loved the chicken salad. The quantity is just perfect and filling that prevents any cravings for junk food later which solves my purpose of ordering this sort of food. They have food for every preference and schedule (one time/ subscription).Also, amazing customer service that is not parallel to anything that I have seen till date.

Michelle P.

I just want to tell you how awesome you all are. The food is fantastic!! I was expecting to have to sacrifice taste for health (as usual), but no, you guys deliver the whole package and I am so grateful. And I'm really glad you have a nutritionist on staff to get the balances right and the nutrients included. We've had 3 deliveries of 8 meals each so far and I've already placed my 4th order. They last my husband and I 4 nights and we've both loved every meal we've had. The portion sizes are filling, the delivery is on time and the compostable and recyclable packaging you've chosen are something we can feel good about. Keep up the good work!


I know good food! And I do love to cook. Even posted some cooking videos throughout this pandemic. BUT cooking for one can be monotonous so I tried various meal delivery companies to help me through the times when I don’t feel like cooking. Without a doubt, Clean Plates Canada is the best! The freshness, variety, seasonings and overall composition of each meal is outstanding! I like that the meals arrive fresh for me to freeze or enjoy immediately! The portion size is perfect. I get healthy, filling meals that are full of flavour! Bravo to the Clean Plates Canada staff! I highly recommend them!

Betty G.

Great tasting food with lots of variety. Good healthy portions and kid friendly. Highly recommended.

Aileen O.

Clean Plates is far and away the BEST meal plan company in the business. And I've tried them all. I have receipts. The meals are INCREDIBLE, so much variety and DELICIOUS!! I've lost 13 pounds already using Clean Plates and would recommend this company to anyone and everyone looking for a meal prep service!!

Jeff S.

I've been on Fit Cravings for a few months now and I absolutely love the meals. The best part is tasting food you've never ever thought of before everything is so delicious. The fact that they use biodegradable containers is a step in the right direction in this day and age. Clean Plates takes all the thought out of the equation and just provide you with an awesome meal experience.

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